New Update: June 4th, 2020

Thanks for your in Victory or Death: A Sendak Fan Zine! Below you'll find more info about the zine and what to expect from it. Make sure to check back once in a while for updates!

Current Status

June 4th, 2020: Hey, everybody. Fuss here.

I wanted to take a moment and apologize for the lack of updates and the extreme lag in shipment of the books. As I mentioned before, all of the merchandise is done and ready to be shipped.

The issue has been me, and my inability to focus on getting the last couple of pieces done for the book. They're just about done, but because of personal reasons (and to a lesser extent, the pandemic) it's been hard to get done what I need to do.

As of today, I've finished one of the last two pieces I needed to finish, and the other is just about done. After that, I just need to insert them into the book and get it proofed. Thankfully, our printer is still operating, so that should be the least of our issues.

Going forward, the only hurdle I expect is whether certain countries are accepting shipments from the United States. If I anticipate an issue, I will get into contact before I send off your package.

If you have questions, please get in contact with me on Twitter and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I apologize again for letting the project drag out this long. It wasn't my intent, and I just want to assure everyone that yes, there is still going to be a book. The money for printing and shipping is still in the (separate) account, and it will still be used to get this thing out to everyone.

Thank you for your patience.

January 16, 2020: I've sent out an email to everyone who's ordered a book to keep you all apprised of the book's status. I (the organizer) am finishing up some artwork that has yet to go into the book, but the ETA for that is currently January 23rd (next week as of this writing).

Once everything is together I'll be sending the book out for proofing. While it's tempting to skip this step in order to save time, I want to ensure that everything looks correct, rather than waste all the effort and risk sending out something that looks less than ideal.

I want to take this time to apologize to everyone who's had to wait so long for their zine to arrive, and for the lack of updates regarding it. I assure you that it's still actively being worked on, it was just a much bigger job than I was expecting, trying to balance this and my other work.

Thank you so much for your patience, everyone. I'll do my best to make this worth the wait.

October 9, 2019: Pre-orders have been closed for a few days, and we're now in the process of finalizing the book and getting all of the merchandise ordered.

Pre-orders are expected to ship in early- to mid-November.

August 15, 2019: Added a proper contributor list to the site, as well as a little more information about the charity we intend to support with sales from the book.

August 13, 2019: Our contributor list is live! Please have a look at our announcement post on Tumblr for more details!

Book Theme

There is no specific theme to this zine other than "The life and times of Commander Sendak." Works can feature other characters, but it should generally be Sendak-centric.

Ships: This is not a ship-centric zine, though they will be present, including Sendak/Shiro and Sendak/Lotor.

Rating: Victory or Death is intended for audiences above the age of 13. Your mileage may vary.


All net proceeds from the sale of Victory or Death will benefit the Feline Community Network of Hobart, Indiana.

Feline Community Network is a non-profit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of homeless cats in Hobart and the surrounding areas.

While in need of assistance even under normal circumstances, they are in the midst of renovating and moving into a new facility and can use all the help they can get right now.

Book Specifications

9in x7.5in, landscape format, perfect bound. The page count is yet to be determined but is presently hovering between 80 to 100.

Contributor Compensation

As this is a charity zine, no participants will be receiving monetary compensation. All participants will be receiving a complimentary copy of the physical book and related merch as thanks for their contribution.

Net proceeds from the zine will be donated to Feline Community Network, a cat rescue, rehabilitation and adoption center located in Hobart, IN.

Release Date

Victory or Death will be released in both print and PDF forms. Pre-orders for the physical book will be held from August 20th to September 20th, 2019. Barring unexpected obstacles during manufacturing, shipments should go out beginning in late October or early November.

Brought to you by the VOD Zine team:


Application Guidelines

ARTISTS: Please submit 2-3 pieces of finished artwork, one of which should be Galra- or Voltron-centric. We want to see whatever you feel best exemplifies your abilities.

If you want to create a comic, please submit an example comic between 2-4 pages in length.

We encourage you to volunteer to illustrate for a fic, but this is not required in order to participate.

WRITERS: Please submit an Ao3 link to at least one completed piece of fiction, of 2,000 words or fewer. Galra-centric work is preferred, but whatever you feel best reflects your abilities will be accepted.

Please note: You must be willing to join a Discord server in order to participate. This site and the blog are intended to be hubs of information for the general public. Most discussions regarding the zine will be conducted on Discord, and it is vital that all participants be present in order to keep up with any changes to the project.

Managed to get through all of that? Great! Now click the button and show us what you've got!

If you have any questions, make sure to drop us a line over on Tumblr and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!